Month: September 2018

Those Darn Commas!

Perhaps one of my biggest personal pet peeves throughout my studies is related to the proper use of the comma. When do you need one? Where? The common idea I’ve been taught is that a comma will go where a natural pause occurs when the sentence is read aloud. Easy enough, right? Not so much.…
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Types of Dependent Phrases

Why do there have to be so many different parts that make up a sentence? Hopefully, you know about verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, etc. and the function each performs in a sentence. I would consider these to be the foundational items (step one) for constructing a sentence. In my last post, I talked about independent…
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Dependent Phrases and Independent Clauses

Welcome to my blog. My intent is to use this to address topics that I see come up throughout the course of working with each of you. It wasn’t until I began my journey into copyediting that I realized just how many rules there were to writing. After researching various topics related to editing, writing,…
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