As a new face to the editing community, I rely on referrals from past authors/clients to get my name out there. Below are testimonials from authors I have provided editing services for.

To each author I have worked with, thank you for trusting me with your works and I look forward to being able to team up with each of you in the future.

I’m new to the whole world of writing and therefore editors so went in a little unsure of what to expect. Working with Melissa is fantastic, she’s friendly and professional which makes for an easy working relationship. She not only helped give my work a better structure and point out the small errors, but she posed questions which made me think about why I had written certain parts. She has edited two projects for me now, she worked with me and helped to improve them and for that, I’m eternally grateful. I would highly recommend her to anyone and look forward to working with her again on my future projects. Lorraine Agent – Demon Investigation Corps, Books 1-3

I would like to thank Melissa for her great work on editing my manuscript. She was prompt, professional, and incredibly helpful. Her work accomplished what would’ve taken me weeks, and I only had to wait a few days. My manuscript was smoother and better written thanks to her suggestions and feedback. I didn’t just get red pen marks, I got reader feedback that improved the quality of my work. I would highly recommend her services.Ray Rupp – Vanilla Girl

I am pleased to say that I had a wonderful experience using the proofreading services offered by Melissa at Red Pen Editing.  Not only was she thorough and precise, but she made sure I met all my deadlines.  I really can’t  thank her enough.“ R.E. Carr – Rules Undying Series: Ten (Book 3) & One (Book 6

Melissa Levine has done an outstanding job in turning my mistake ridden novel, into something I can be proud of. She’s friendly, professional and doesn’t irk away from things some others would have. What’s more, she didn’t only fix the grammar, flow and the general stuff, she went out of her way to point out small, inconsistent mistakes, raise questions and helped me realize my own mistakes. I’m looking forward to working with her on future projects. I would more than recommend her services.Ajdin K. Denic – Hazard Inc.

Melissa is one of the best betas/proofreaders I’ve had in my publishing career. She is attentive to detail and catches things even a seasoned editor has missed. On average, I receive 9 pages of feedback after she reads one of my novels. Her feedback includes typos, missed words, comments, and suggestions. The best part is that she encourages me to grow as a writer. That can’t be said for many editors I’ve worked with.” Jori Mierek Hall (Jordan Elizabeth, Jordan Mierek)

I highly recommend the editing services of Melissa at Red Pen Editing. She accepted my project with an agreed upon timeline of three weeks to complete her review. The work was returned to me, completed with comments, within ten days. She was very thorough in her analysis and even helped clarify some previous edits made to my manuscript. I would definitely use Melissa’s services again.” Terrell (Patrick) Hall – Choosing Perspectives

“Melissa turned out to be the ideal editor for my draft. She brought a perspective to my writing that was sorely needed, and each of her edits made its way into the final draft with very few exceptions. She helped my writing conform to standards, eliminated repetitive and tiresome text, and explained clearly her reasoning for making grammatical corrections. I couldn’t have asked for more from an editor, and I am so thankful for her contribution to my work.”  Greg Arney – Lydia

“I am a brand new, self-published Author. Finding people you can trust to help you with anything is absolutely terrifying. I, personally, made a big leap by giving my manuscript over to Melissa. And let me tell you right now, it was the best decision I have ever made in my life. No other proofread will ever compare to the professionalism and in-depth insight that she gives to your story. She brought up things I never thought about and gave me a new view of my own book. She was very kind and informative throughout the entire process and made me feel like my work was safe and secure in her hands. The amount of work she puts into her proofreading and notes is honestly more than I could have ever dreamed off. Truly outstanding. She will now be the editor of ANYTHING I write until the day I die. That is how satisfied I am with everything she did. I absolutely recommend her to anyone and everyone who writes. I am forever grateful and I know my book will be a million times better, now, because of her.”  Ashley Mikaelson – Feral Hearts

“This is all new to me and writing is not my real job so I had no idea how to approach editing/proofreading. Melissa has been brilliant. Extremely professional and most importantly, enthusiastic. Her advice has been spot on and for a novice, this is essential. Thanks so much and I look forward to the next project.” – Craig Davies – Zomboy Bob
“I had never had an editor before Melissa and I didn’t know what to expect but I must say that I got much more than I expected. She looked through every inch of my story, edited it thoroughly and provided very useful suggestions and advice. And she did all this long before the time she’d promised to deliver! My story is clearly better than it ever was. I would recommend her services for any author out there!” – Master James Light – Message in a Bottle
“Melissa did a great job on my manuscripts, finding typos and plot questions I hadn’t even thought about. I appreciate the thoughtfulness and thoroughness she puts into her work. She was also prompt in reading and returning her edits to me. I appreciate Melissa’s help in making my novels as error-free as possible.” – Carol Riggs – Junction 2020 (Book 4)
“Really impressed with Melissa’s editing and suggestion on my short story. I loved the way she carved the fat skillfully around the meat of my story. (I needed the word count cut). Prompt turn around and very easy to work with. I’ve been edited several times now via publishers but will definitely consider using Melissa’s services again.” Lee Franklin – Intercellular
“I appreciated the very thoughtful editing, suggestions, and tips. I’ve heard authors say — Oh, I don’t need an editor, I can do it myself –. Nay, you can’t. I thought my manuscript was pretty clean having gone over it umpteen times, yet I was embarrassed by some of the errors I’d made. Thanks, Melissa! I am grateful.” – Mara Kalyn – Alexa’s Inheritance
“Melissa goes above and beyond when it comes to proofreading, offering a keen eye for errors but also helpful suggestions to enhance your writing beyond basic copy editing. We used her as a proofreader of one of our indie manuscripts and she did a great job.”
– Anthony J Melchiorri and Nicholas Sansbury Smith – Extinction Shadow
“I am very grateful to have found Melissa Levine. She is incredibly prompt, very insightful and I am impressed with her close attention to detail. She has connected with my story beyond my expectations and I look forward to working with her in the future.”
Ashley Franklin – Dow Manor
“I have been very impressed by Melissa Levine at Red Pen Editing.  She has a very professional approach, and I was taken aback at the very short turnaround time: just a few days to meticulously read, edit and polish my novel.  Her careful, considered suggestions were very welcome, as were her proposals to re-order some key sections of my book. I could not recommend Red Pen Editing highly enough.” – Nick Edmunds – Miles Away
“Melissa is the best editor I’ve ever worked with. She goes above and beyond to make a manuscript shine and her attention to detail is unparalleled. I can’t wait to work with her again and 100% recommend her editing services.” – Mia Zephyr/Rehbein – Road to Dawn
“Melissa gave me the turn-around time of a week. About three or four days later, she emailed me again and told me she was finished. She is precise, she makes her edits easy to follow, and even quotes pages and parts of the piece where she’s talking about so that you know exactly where she’s suggesting the changes. She doesn’t take your author voice but improves your wording. After going back thru my edits and working through her suggestions — my novella, I am certain, is going to be a full novel because she’s opened my eyes to things that could be elaborated on and clarified. Leaves me sitting back thinking “Well, that makes sense!”” Highly recommend Red Pen Edit. Amanda Renee – Saving Carter

“Melissa Levine at Red Pen editing is extremely professional. Her turn around was excellent. I am very happy with the service she provided. Her editing and helpful suggestions have really made a difference to my novel. I will certainly be using her again for my future work.” Keeley French – In the Name of the Father


“Melissa was very professional and a pleasure to work with. She was very efficient and speedy without sacrificing quality. She has a keen eye for detail, and in addition to a copy/line edit, she also gives additional thoughts as you might expect from a developmental editor. I highly recommend this service.”  Payge Imrisek – The Lady’s Price


“I happened upon Melissa Levine and RedPenEditing, LLC in a beta reading site. My first novel needed some serious attention. I found I was meeting the editor of my dreams. Melissa read and critiqued my novel and went beyond beta reader call of duty. She found the inconsistencies of language especially the wrong verb tenses (my weakness). She even pointed out the places I had inconsistent dates and names throughout. She actually performed what I would call a line edit. But the real value was in her insights into the story flow and meaning. As I scanned her comments I kept saying, “That makes sense,” “OK!”, and “Yeah!” I go back to my next draft with a wealth of ammunition.Thanks to a generous and smart, smart editor. I highly recommend her editing services. You will not be disappointed.”  Kaye Curren – Seven Days in Spain

“Melissa of Red Pen Editing LLC. provided me with a thorough edit for my manuscript, along with many thoughtful and helpful ideas. My submitted manuscript was just over 59,000 words and she completed the edit in under 3 days. I highly recommend Melissa and her services for all writers looking for a good polish on their work.”  Jonathon Rolston – Farm at the End of the World

“I am overwhelmed by how much help i got with editing, and I really can’t thank her enough for everything she has done. She’s enabled my story to shine and polish away all the rough edges. Thank you so much, you really are a star. I can’t explain how helpful it is to have someone highlight those things that need work and then explain, it’s a huge eye opener!”  
Sally Dawes – Thicker than Water

“Hi all, In my opinion, Melissa Levine@ Red Pen Editing, LLC. Has many qualities as an editor. She’s fast, deligent and I like the changes she makes to my work along with suggestions. My book is an autobiography and it’s im portant to hear my voice. So although she has made changes, she has maintaned my vocal points, perhaps little tweaks here and there. I would like to think she connected to my story and is helping me to flourish and shine, as an artist. I would like this opertunity to recommend her and let you know I plan to use her in the future.”  
Angela Fuller – The Traveled Road

“WOW! It just goes to show, what a professional set of eyes, can do for a manuscript. Mellissa, not only corrected the mistakes, as the author, I could no longer see, but she also gave me really useful tips on how to improve my writing. She worked my first novel into a better configuration, and thus, hopefully, has enhance my readers involvement in the characters. Working with her has been a pleasure. She is friendly, professional, and accurate in her communications and work. As a writer, I want to develop a team, I can rely on for all my publications. After my experience of working with Melissa, I feel she will be my go-to person for future works. I would certainly recommend her and the services she offers.”  
Nina Grasia Rennd – Billy’s Ink

“Melissa’s input on my work has been invaluable. She was so detailed in her proofreading and clear in her feedback – no grammatical or formatting error was to small for her to spot. The explanations that accompanied the changes she made were detailed and so helpful. What I hadn’t anticipated however, was the level of engagement with my characters and plot that I received from her. In an incredibly short space of time she read my entire novel, proofread in detail, and then went on to ask insightful and useful questions about my characters and plot. I had been nervous handing over my first manuscript, not able whether she would like it, but that she wouldn’t care about it in the way that I did. I was delighted then, to get her notes that were so interested in my work and so keen to help me improve it.
I was dreading this stage of novel writing, but Melissa’s input has made it thoroughly enjoyable.”
Annie Plasom Scott – Skylark

“Melissa’s feedback is invaluable. I have had editors who have quite obviously run the story through editing software and provided no additional critique. Anyone can correct a typo. She takes the time to explain her suggestions, and analyzes every detail of the story. Her comments are clear and well thought out; her input on developmental editing is insightful and indepth, and her delivery is kind. I look forward to working with her again.”
Meghan LaSalle – To Say a Simple Thing

“Melissa’s attention to detail was nothing short of outstanding. She managed to fine a line between helping me see what needed to be improved, but also allowing me to still have faith and confidence in my manuscript. Her turn around time was extremely fast and her communications easy to understand. Thank you so much for your help, Melissa. I would recommend her to anyone.”
Alice Ward – Second Chances

“Melissa of Red Pen Editing started off as one of my Beta readers, and went crazy. Marked up the whole thing. She stuck with it and helped me turn a good Novel into a Great one that will be released this year. Her skills are far above grade and I can’t thank her enough for the help she gave to this aspiring Author. I highly recomend her as an Editor and WILL be using her again for future Novels.” Andrew Head – Dracula’s Daughter

“Melissa is working with me on my 9th book and I so wish I had come across her ten years ago. She is awesome. Her attention to detail and her willingness to devote time and energy into helping and guiding me through the process is extraordinary. I wouldn’t want to recommend her because I want to keep her to myself!” Michael Ross

“Melissa is precise and direct with her feedback, she wants nothing more than for your manuscript to polished and complete. She explains where your common mistakes are and teaches you how to improve. I have been looking for over a year to find an editor like her, and now I cannot imagine not having her as part of my publishing process moving forward.” Rosaline Woodrow – Multiple Stories

“Amazing work, didn’t take long to receive feedback. She left me great tips and suggestions.
Definitely recommend.” Daniel Pavia Livori – The Lotus That Blossomed

“I very much recommend Red Pen Editing. The person I worked with, Melissa, did an absolutely amazing job. She was highly professional and gave me honest feedback.” West Bellator