Contact Me

I welcome any and all authors/writers out there who are looking for a high quality, detailed edit of their manuscripts to contact me for service.

For editing or proofreading inquiries, please provide the following:

  • Genre
  • Page count
  • Manuscript completion status
  • Whether this is a standalone script or part of a series
  • Requested editing completion timeline
  • Any other specific requirements you may have for your editing request.

Prior to accepting an editing project, I will ask for a 1000-word section from the middle of your manuscript. This sample section will be edited for free and allow me to show you my skills as well as allow me to gauge the timeline I will require to complete edits to your script.

Please fill in the appropriate details below, and I will respond to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reaching out and I look forward to working with you.

For reference, while I will edit for any genre, my specific genres of interest include: paranormal, historical (romance, mystery, drama), young adult, mystery, horror/thriller, post-apocalyptic, science fiction, crime, and drama.